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It’s been a while since we’ve held an old-fashioned smartphone of your dreams giveaway, let’s change that. Right now we are living in arguably the golden era of smartphones. Just about every smartphone available is fantastic and offers a bunch of great features. From the iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy Note 8 to the OnePlus 6, LG V35 and HTC U12 Plus, the choices are endless.
One of those could be yours.
TechnoBuffalo is teaming up with Internxt for a smartphone of your dreams giveaway. That’s right, any phone valued up to $1,000, personally selected by you, will be yours. Just enter the giveaway below and get the smartphone you’ve been wanting.
If you are unaware of Internxt, it is a cloud computing company with a fantastic product in X Cloud. In short, it is a more secure version of a cloud service like Google Drive and Dropbox using a decentralized internet to store fragments of your information across a multitude of host computers, making it impossible to hack. Hosts will be paid in Internxt’s own token, presenting another opportunity to make money off your unused computing resources.
In today’s world where it seems a major security hack happens every other day, Internxt will give you peace of mind about where your information is being stored.

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