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Android Users Have More Brand Loyalty Than iOS Users

Android and iOS are the operating systems for mobiles currently leading the smartphone industry. They both provide rare user experience, although iOS has proven to have more rigid terms. An Android user can easily alter codes to suit his requirement, and can even use deeper mods provided he has root access. Android and iOS are different in a few ways, one of which is brand loyalty.

Several comparisons have been made and are still being made everyday between Android lovers and iOS lovers. It is a widespread belief that Android is for frugal people, while iOS is for the upper-class folks.

Studies, however, show that Android users are more loyal to the brand than iOS users. A report from Consumer Intelligence Research Department (CIRP) shows that Android brand loyalty is at 91% while iOS brand loyalty is at 86%. The difference is small, yet, not negligible.

This was not so a few years ago, iOs had more brand loyalty. Google had to put in extra work in the overall design, usability of applications, and upgrade of music and video features to make the trend of more iOS brand loyalty change. There are so many Android users in the world, with statistics showing that more people switch to iOS than more people switch from iOS to Android.

There are so many brands in the world using Google‘s open-source Android operating system, while iOS is only limited to Apple smartphones. There are a lot of options from different brands in the world that uses Google’s system, so there is an increase in the possibility of one of them to catch the interest of an iOS user.

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