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Facebook Messenger gets an Unsend feature

Akoji Francis
Facebook has released a feature that allows you to delete messages from a conversation when you have sent them, as antecedently noticed in leaks. Therefore, just in case you send the incorrect message to a wrong person or create an obvious literal error, you will be ready to take away it in messenger currently. It works after you click on the

Google Play Store now open for Progressive Web Applications

Akoji Francis
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) using the Trusted Web Activities (TWA) API are finally supported on the Google Play Store following its 2017 announcement. TWA is an API for PWAs that permits online page to be displayed in full screen with system-level options and restricted native code. Some can note the existence of PWAs like Facebook lite, Instagram lite,

Twitter’s Website is coming to a desktop near you

Akoji Francis
Twitter is set to release a redesigned version of their website for desktop view. Twitter is testing replacement expertise for internet users, the corporate proclaimed in an exceedingly tweet on Thursday. A small range of Twitter users can see the updated version of Twitter for desktop view, which can embrace access to Twitter’s Bookmarks feature, and scrolling