How to Launch Multiple Apps at Once on Windows 10

There are numerous programs you use daily to do your work. You must open each program individually from the Start menu, desktop, or taskbar. Imagine you could launch many programs simultaneously from a single location. In Windows 10, you can open many apps simultaneously instead of opening them one by one using one of the two approaches.


Using the start menu, open many apps at the same time. Before employing this strategy, ensure your daily-use apps are pinned to the start menu. To access the start menu, press the window key on your keyboard. Then while clicking on the numerous apps tiles, hit and hold the Windows key. 

During this procedure, do not let go of the windows key. It will immediately begin to open all of the apps in the background. Release the Windows key once all of the requested programs have been launched.


Using a batch file, you can open multiple apps at once. In addition, batch files allow you to run multiple programs simultaneously. First, create a batch file and then input the paths to the apps you want to open at once.

Press the Windows key to bring up the start menu. Right-click the desired program and select Open file location from the menu. This will bring up the File Explorer window, which will take you straight to the program’s location. Right-click the program and select Properties from the drop-down menu. Copy the program’s location from the general tab.

After that, open the Notepad editor, copy the path and paste it. Double-click the batch file that you just made. Your programs will launch immediately. Save the Notepad file with the .bat extension.

You can easily save time and effort by using these methods instead of launching programs one by one. Carry on with the rest of the programs in the same manner.

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