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Google Chrome Will Freely Help You To Organize Your Tabs

Google Chrome has announced the release of a new feature for better management of open tabs. Tab Groups have been launched for the purpose of better organization. This is available on the browser’s beta version. It also helps in the color-coding of tabs for easy access.

This new feature can be used by right-clicking on a tab and choosing “add tab to group”. An existing group can be selected to create a new tab or move the tab, which can then be named and labeled.

Sources report that several months had been invested in testing this new feature before the public release. Google says that in research conducted earlier, it found that many people organize their tabs by topics.

Others do so by urgency, thus, labeling the tabs with things like “ASAP”, “this week”, or “later”.

Tab groups will help in grouping tasks into things like “in progress”, “completed”, and “need to follow up”, so as to keep you focused on the progress of tasks.

The prevalence of the “too-many-tabs” problem, which is common to a lot of frequent internet users, led to the creation of better tab management features by other browsers.

Prominent among these browsers is Opera, which introduced an upgraded version of its web browser that allows you to organize tabs into various workspaces.

This move by other browsers was possibly the push Google needed to focus on the new feature.

Google Chrome Beta with Tab Groups is available for Chrome on the desktop, across Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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