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Chrome to start warning users if a website might bill them unexpectedly

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Starting with the release of Chrome 71 this December, your Chrome browser will warn you about some websites that might try and bill you without your full knowledge or consent. The measures are targeting mobile billing services, where little more than your phone number is needed to place additional charges on your monthly bill. According to Google, millions of Chrome users encounter pages with unclear or insufficient mobile subscription information every month.

In order to not get flagged, websites will have to make sure they’re being upfront about any charges that may hit Chrome users. That means making billing information obvious, not trying to obscure it by placing gray text on a white background, for example, and not using a fee structure that obscures the true cost. Chrome 71 users will receive a warning when visiting unclear billing pages on sites that don’t comply.
These all seem like sensible, good and necessary measures. Combined with Chrome 71’s stricter handling of abusive ads, they should make the web a more pleasant and safer place to browse.

Source: The Verge

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