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No Gravity Levitating Wireless Charger goes Live

It floats, it spins and it defies gravitational force and other accelerations. These are some of the awesome things that the all-new No Gravity Levitating Wireless Charger is capable of.

Almost four (4) months ago, I came up with a piece about the No Gravity Charger. The Latvia-based company aims to make charging smartphones more fun and stylish in the most unusual ways possible.

120+ days later, the company has successfully become the first in the world to release a working prototype of a pure wireless levitating charger. This is in every sense of it a remarkable feat and while some will easily and jokingly pass this off as some sort of magic, it is none other than sheer innovation.

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The No Gravity Levitating Wireless Charger has a pretty much understandable and simple workflow which is to spin your device at a certain speed while ensuring that it floats just midair above the platform via the effect of a magnetic force that is used to counteract the effects of the gravitational acceleration and any other accelerations.

The first prototype was released sometime around December 2020 and since then, massive improvements have been made to ensure that the levitating charger becomes the first and the best workable prototype in the world.

Meanwhile, there have been many attempts to create a levitating smartphone charger, to varying degrees of success. If you do a simple Google search, you will realize that there have been quite a number of attempts to create a world-class levitating charger. One of the notable projects in this area came in the form of the OvRcharger. And kudos to the creator, they did put in their best but couldn’t eventually create a working prototype and this is where No Gravity came in with a different idea.

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The company was able to create a different idea that not only looked good at the idea stage but also made it to the working prototype stage. They successfully made the first real and workable prototype of the No Gravity Levitating Wireless Charger which no one has succeeded in implementing prior to the time of this writing.

The company now plans on making this charger available globally and one of the ways it is aiming at doing that is by securing funding through partnerships, bringing investors on board, and making the innovation known on platforms like Kickstarter, Product Hunt, etc.

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No Gravity really aims to reach its goal of making the charger available globally soon, but who wouldn’t be down for a levitating charger?

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See how it works ahead and don’t be surprised if you fall in love with this innovation immediately.

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