Android 12

Android 12 will Hibernate Unused Applications

We all do not like receiving notifications that our storage space is running low; however, we have experienced it with our smartphones at one time or the other. 

Sources reaching us hints that Google is working on a feature for Android 12 that will enable hibernation of apps and free up storage.

Google sent a couple of code to Android Open Source Project that contained few changes. The altered codes indicate the addition of a new hibernation service that controls the hibernation of unused apps to optimize storage.  

The full details of the new feature are not yet clear at the moment but we believe it would be included in a future Android system which hopefully, will be Android 12.

The feature, if achieved is an exciting one as it means that apps you are not using constantly will be stored in static mode and the space they were taking will be freed up.

We have one guess that the hibernation of apps will be automatic in like manner to the auto-revoking permission features introduced in Android 11, the latest upgrade of the operating system.

We also believe that the optimization will involve compression of the APK alongside other app resources but we never can be too sure until Google submits more changes in code.

There are many unanswered questions that we have concerning the new feature. For example, we do not know how apps can get into the static mode. We do not know if an app will hibernate automatically depending on its usage statistics.

We do not also know if users can choose to manually force apps to hibernate, neither do we know how optimization of the apps to free up space will even happen.

We can only wait for Google to disclose some salient information about the feature if at all it is planned for Android 12.

We promise to share more information with you as regards whatever new thing we learn about this hibernation service. Till then, let us keep our fingers crossed.

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