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Facebook CatchUp App Will Make You Stop Buying Airtime

Facebook Inc. has several services and apps that aid networking between people like Facebook, which is the most commonly used one, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger among others.

These applications are loaded with awesome features like video calls, live streaming, stories and so on that make networking experience better.

In addition to these beautiful apps, Facebook Inc. has come up with yet another service to aid better communication between you and your loved ones during this lockdown period.

Facebook Inc. named the application “CatchUp” and is available to Android and iOS users.

It is an audio-only calling app that will make you stop buying airtime. What makes it even more interesting is its one-of-a-kind feature of showing when a user is available to receive calls.

Research has shown that one of the main reasons you probably don’t call friends and family as you ought to is because of the fear of reaching them at a time that is wrong and not convenient for them.

CatchUp provides a solution to the wrong timing of calls that happen frequently. It indicates who is ready and available to receive calls right in the opening screen of the app.

You can now call your family and friends at the right time without worrying about disturbing them, along with not having to buy airtime.

Users of CatchUp can make group calls with up to 8 people in addition to one-on-one calls. It is very easy to create a group. Starting calls is also very easy because it is a one-button tap.

CatchUp also uses your phone contacts instead of your Facebook contact. This means that you can call anyone, including your friends and loved ones who do not have a Facebook account of any sort.

The application can only work for users in the United States for now, after which it will be available to users worldwide.

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