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Apple Wants Your iPhone To Replace Your Driver’s License And Passport

Apple Inc. is on the verge of making the iPhone a “jack of all trades” after the announcement of its use as a digital key for cars.

The company’s next step in achieving this is making the device capable of securely replacing physical documents like driver’s licenses, passports, and other physical forms of identification.

Reports show that a series of various patent applications have been submitted with the name “Providing Verified Claims of User Identity”.

These patents describe the process of recording and transmitting a user’s ID through a specific method, thus leading to ID confirmation.

However, it is interesting to note that the word “iPhone” was not exactly mentioned even once, with Apple referring that it could be any piece of technology.

One of the applications states that at least one processor, which is set up to receive a verified claim that includes information relevant to the identification of a user will be included in a device implementing a system for identity verification.

The application further states that the verified claim will be signed by a server based on the information’s verification by a separate identity verification provider, which is different from the server, with the verified claim being specific to the device.

The patent documents reveal that a user will be able to transmit his ID using his iPhone, which will then be confirmed provided he is verified. Although passports were the main discussion in the applications, Apple specified its use for other identification cards like driver’s licenses.

Apple has earlier worked with the German and UK government to aid projects in local identification. The company has also worked on the presentation of government ID in a secure form.

BMW, the German automobile company announced that updates have been made on its BMW connected apps for iPhone and Apple watch to aid the support of digital keys.

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