825 Active Devices now use Windows 10: It’s implications for programmers

When Windows announced in November 2017, that their Windows 10 operating system had been downloaded on to 600 million active devices it was quite a big deal. It showed an additional 100 million in less than 6 months.

Although the record has been beaten as it appears now 825 million active devices running Windows 10. This makes it the most popularly used operating system for laptops and desktops in the world today, exceeding Windows 7 finally. This emerges as 2018 ended with Microsoft as the world’s most valuable company.

The growth of Microsoft’s fame is crucial for programmers because the company will lead the way in technological developments, either in Machine Learning or great Application creation. Knowledge of how the boss Kings achieved such a largely used operating system can help coders to satisfy both the tech-obsessed and the average users.

When will they hit the billion mark?

In the tech world, a billion is a unique number. Facebook hit a billion users 8 years after it was launched and it is set to hit two billion marks soon. YouTube hit the mark in 2013 and Instagram in 2010. It is a milestone Microsoft wants to attain as part of its marketing campaign to persuade window 7 users to upgrade and Mac Is users to cross over. With the current growth rate, a billion more devices are likely to install Windows 10 before 2019 ends.

Advancement in AI

So what is the implication for computer programmers?

Acquainting one’s self with Windows 10 is a great way to know the company’s goal. You will observe a greater concentration on Artificial intelligence than in previous versions. The Artificial intelligence in Windows 10 comes in the form of Cortana and personal assistant. With the sole aim to rival Alexa from Amazon and Apples Siri. It is all a competition of whose AI is most far ahead. Computer programmers who also want to launch successful tech companies in the future should pay keen attention to Machine learning.

Windows Terminal Application

This is clearly targeted at programmers. Windows 10 has continued to stay atop with the launch of its terminal app the quick and efficient command line tools.

A survey of this app will give a clue into the amazing coding used in designing Windows 10. Coding was made simpler with the easy to read the text and multiple tabs. This exposes Microsoft s tactic of reaching a wide audience even the average consumers.

Windows 10 power toys

They are as exciting and fun as they sound, the power toys allow the computer to expand their Windows 10 devices potentials.

The purpose of Windows 10 new launch of power toys is to make workflow is more improved and efficient, in order for productivity to be excellent and programming will be exciting.

Windows 10 is like a dream come true for lovers of tech. It inspires and urges determined coders, having something new for everyone for as basic as web browser to high-level computer programmers.

Windows 10 hitting 825 million is no shock but an expected achievement.

The future of Artificial intelligence and coding is very promising.

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