Bitcademy starts STO

Bitcademy starts STO and claims they found a killer blockchain use case for African football.

Bitcademy, blockchain start-up, commenced their business in May, 2018 and today the company is starting security token offering (STO). The team consisting of 20 people has been working together for over a year creating software prototype, travelling thousands of kilometers in search of best place for academies and networking football teams all over the world.

Today, Tomasz Krzystek, Bitcademy CEO is confident they are ready. “We are revolutionizing football and sports industries with the usage of new technologies. We explored the concepts of blockchain in the football ecosystem related to player transfers and registration and we believe we found a killer case for Africa. The use case will bring transparency and allow to organize football structures all over again”.


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About Bitcademy

Bitcademy is revolutionizing football industry by leveling the playing field for aspiring football stars in least developed countries. The platform enables token holders to influence the game by selecting and funding future superstars based on a next-generation player dashboard incorporating innovations in wearable devices and artificial intelligence as well as traditional coaching assessments. Our unique approach is rooted in the real economy and will be extended to other organizations and sports around the world as a solution to assess and fund sport prospects everywhere.

Bitcademy has seen explosive growth over the past months with 50K newsletter subscribers, 16k followers on Twitter, 21k community members on Telegram, 14k fans on Facebook.  Further to these developments, the first locations for the physical academies have been chosen as Zambia, Indonesia and Poland. The blockchain company is on track to radically alter how talent acquisition and tech combine to create a fully decentralized ecosystem which has the interest of the players at the very center.

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