Some Fake Android Apps Secretly Steal Money From You


If you ever thought you were immune from hackers when downloading “legit” Android apps from Google Play, then we really advise you think again.  The McAfee Mobile Research team recently discovered a new campaign where at least 15 apps were “re-packaged” to secretly sign up for premium paid services in the background. The list includes Qrcode Scanner, Cut Ringtones 2018, and Despacito Ringtone. .

The campaign is run by the AsiaHitGroup Gang who first appeared in late 2016 to target victims primarily in Thailand and Malaysia. The group used a fake app installer called “Sonvpay.A” that, for a price, pretended to install popular apps delivered outside Google Play. But it secretly subscribed at least 20,000 victims to paid services in the background by sending SMS messages to premium-rate numbers.

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