Google Confirms That It’s Done Daydreaming, Pulls The Plug On Its Android VR Platform

Google has finally dropped its support for the inclusion of the Daydream virtual reality feature on Android 11, which is a final step in its ending of the system.

Google recently posted an official statement that its latest newest Android version does not complement the VR platform’s app.

The report stated that the Daydream VR app may not work appropriately on some devices that run on Android 11 or subsequent versions because it is no longer supported by Google.

Google states that, in fact, the software is no longer supported at all. It has lost its ability to receive updates despite the fact that users can still comfortably access third-party VR apps through the Playstore.

In 2019, the tech giants stopped the Daydream View headset along with pulling out of supporting new Pixel phones. Although it didn’t cease the support of the app for existing users, that is obviously about to change now.

Alongside the Samsung Gear VR which is now extinct, Daydream was one of the two important phone-based VR platforms.

At its announcement, Google stressed that VR was gradually becoming part of the Android value and that it had symbolic value.

However, it proved difficult as it struggled to find support on a lot of Android phones. It has been known as simply a small feature within Google’s large sandbox for the last few years.

In the meantime, the focus of Google has shifted from VR to augmented reality. The tech giants have not withdrawn support for the less complex Cardboard VR system as an open-source project.

In fact, it released a plug-in for Unity game development in May. However, despite all this, there isn’t likely to be a Daydream replacement anytime soon.

Google’s decision to pull out has aided Facebook’s dominance, as its Oculus platform now takes the top spot in the consumer VR market.

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