Bitcoin Now More Popular Than Sex

It was once said by the leader of the Beatles, John Lennon that the group was more popular than Jesus. The exciting part, however, is that Bitcoin now is more popular than both Jesus and the Beatles. It is intriguing to see Bitcoin (BTC) skyrocket on bullish mass-adoption news.

Bitcoin is so popular now that it seems to be out ripping sex – at least to Reddit users. This should not come as a surprise to those of us who spend time on the “front page of the internet”. There is a massive audience of 440 million users on Reddit and Bitcoin enthusiasts have made the site their destination a long time ago.

The Bitcoin audience on Reddit has experienced a  large uprise since 2017 while the audience for sex has somewhat experienced stagnancy over the years. This observation was made by Reddit user u/farmingOnYieldApp last month and ever since the number of r/Bitcoin subscribers has grown to over 1.7 million. This development may have been partly due to the announcement of PayPal. 

On the other hand, the number of Redditors talking about sex has not experienced a significant increase and still stands at a little over 1.69 million. The world is experiencing a phase of technology that has never been seen before and many people are going with the flow.

Bitcoin is also popular than the Beatles which were a force to reckon with in the ‘60s. 1969 was a terrific year for them in particular, because that was the year they released the classics “Come Together” and ”I Want You”. Sadly, the group from Liverpool, England has only 118,258 subscribers to their name.

Although Bitcoin is growing in popularity, it will take a little more time for it becomes “Mildly Interesting”—this is a subreddit category that has a whopping 18.2 million subscribers.

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