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Say hello to Brave browser, our app of the week.

Brave Web Browser is a fast, free, secure web browser for Android, iOS, WIndows OS (x64), and macOS (10.9+) with a built-in AdBlock, tracking and security protection, optimized data and battery experience.

Brave browser was created by a startup company called “Brave Software”. This company was co-founded by the Brendan Eich (creator of JavaScript programming language and co-founder of Mozilla project) and Brian Bondy. Brave web browser was first announced two years ago and has since then developed into more than just a browser that now has a user base of over 2.2 million users and is still growing.

Brave web browser was created with the concept of providing an alternative to the widely adopted system of providing free content to end users supported by advertising revenue that is employed by many content creators and publishers on the World Wide Web.
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Brave browser currently is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) and most secure open source browsers available for download. Brave browser also seeks to protect the privacy of users, help avoid infections through visiting unsecure websites, save time and money spent on browsers and surfing the net and then block ads and trackers.

Brave browser comes with cool features such as:

* Built-in AdBlock

* Blocks pop-ups

* Battery optimization

* Data optimization

* Tracking Protection

* Https Everywhere (for security)
* Script Blocking
* 3rd party cookie blocking
* Bookmarks 
* History
* Private tabs
* Recent tabs

Brave browser is available for download on the Google Play Store, Apple Appstore and the brave website and all features totally free.

Note: The current version of brave browser at the time this article was published is 1.0.48.

If you need a browser that is fast, secure and doesn’t use up much data, brave browser is the best bet for you.

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