‘’ and a minor Facebook link issue

Okay, real quick, I am undergoing an internship with a tech company, HNG. It has been fun so far though. So today, we were given a website and were asked to locate a bug on the website. Fast person that I am, I quickly went on to the site and started checking for bugs. Then I found out that the Facebook link at the bottom left corner of the site was not connecting to Facebook. I mean I actually could not access it and Voila!!! I found my bug. If you don’t believe me, you can check for yourself. The website is

So I inspected the page element (just to know how the problem could be solved)by right-clicking on the Facebook icon and clicking on ‘inspect element’. I checked the code only to discover that the htmlhref attribute’ that specifies the link to destination (to the Facebook page, in this case) was not complete.

The solution to this bug is to write out the link completely. See the image here below


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