No Gravity Charger: Levitating Wireless Charger

Ever seen a smartphone defy the law of gravity at least to a considerable extent? Most likely your answer will be NO or probably just indifferent about it.

Now, this is where mystery meets improved technology and innovation with the “No Gravity Charger”. It might be a bit hard to comprehend the way it charges phones and tablets, but recent prototypes from the creator have included a feature that one might usually affiliate with a mystery: levitation. Yes, LEVITATION! Having a device with a particular propensity that appears as a magical mystery action is definitely one to gravitate to. Not to mention, exciting to see will be an understatement.


In recent years there have been many attempts to create a levitating phone charger, to varying degrees of success. “No Gravity Charger” seized this opportunity to reiterate and improve on the concept and technology to fully flesh it out. They aim to create a new and innovative product with a groundbreaking idea at its core – a powerful levitating charger with a sleek and modern design.

There is a great deal to be said about the “No Gravity Charger”. The charger consists of a wireless charging platform and a base where the components are hidden away. As of now, there is no other product like this on the market. The brand hopes it will stand out as there are no direct competitors – the product being one of a kind. There is potential for it to become a best-seller in its respective market.


The company aims to create a product that would cheer everyone up during these trying times. A levitating charger is exactly that. The process of charging your device is very straight-forward. Just place your phone or tablet on the floating surface and watch the magic happen. The simple act of charging your phone can be transformed into something truly fascinating.


The manufacturer and the brain behind the No Gravity ChargerRem Vasilenko – is looking for €150.00 for the No Gravity Levitating Wireless Charger. It’s also seeking funding, partners, and investors to help speed up the production process and make the project a success.

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