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Growing accounts reach is something that all businesses with social media accounts strive to do but are not always successful at doing so. Not to worry much, there is an app designed to help businesses do just that.

Now let’s welcome out featured app for this week, Crowdfire.

In this week’s edition, we’ll show you through everything you need to know to use Crowdfire and increase your Twitter reach and engagements likewise.

Crowdfire is a super smart social media manager and management platform that helps businesses and ecommerce entrepreneurs grow online everyday. It specifically helps users grow their follower base on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Crowdfire features for personal and low level use is free, but Crowdfire has made it clear that their range of price plans means “there’s something for everyone, from individuals to agencies” available to help everyone get more followers on Twitter. Subscription to any of these plans can be cancelled at any time:

  • Free: The free plan allows one linked account and a white/blacklist limit of 50 users. This is a light-use starter plan for individuals.
  • Plus: At $5.99 per month for the annual plan, this plan is designed for social media enthusiasts, small businesses and solo-preneurs and offers 2 linked accounts, 1 team member and a white/blacklist limit of 10,000. This account also allows unlimited follows and unfollows and automatic hiding of previously followed users.
  • Premium: At $9.99 per month for the annual plan, this value plan is ideal for early stage startups and medium businesses and offers up to 5 linked accounts, 2 team members and in addition to all the functionality of the Plus plan.
  • VIP: At $33.32 per month for the annual plan, this plan is designed for agencies and larger businesses and in addition to all the functionality of Premium, offers up to 20 linked accounts and 3 team members.

Sign Up

They say the simplest solutions are the best. Like most applications you will be required to create an account, and like most applications it’s quite simple.

Just connect one of your social media accounts. Your username and password will be that of the linked account, making it easy to remember. You can link other profiles you wish to manage with the app later on.

Crowdfire’s Strength

One of the best things about Crowdfire is that it enables you to grow your Twitter and Instagram accounts through the use and application of its various features where you see fit. Another Crowdfire’s strength is that it also helps analyze followers’ demographics and audience growth and this means that I can look at any Twitter or Instagram user and scroll through their followers. Other strong features of Crowdfire include:

Non Followers feature: The first step in your objective to get more Twitter followers and more Twitter engagement is the Non Followers feature; this section displays a list of all the people in the “Following” section of your Twitter or Instagram account who do not follow you back. Crowdfire lists the number and identity of all such people and offers a handy one-click removal function in the form of a red minus icon next to each user. This function allows you to take a step closer to gaining more Twitter followers by removing those people that are not following you. All decisions should be made according to whatever plan you have in place for growing your social media accounts.

One thing should also be noted carefully at this point, some accounts will not follow you back initially, others will and as you grow so will your list of followers.

Inactive Followers feature: Another strong point of Crowdfire is that, it helps you get more followers and engagements on Twitter by boosting your fan numbers. This means you get to have the opportunity to remove inactive or old followers. The Inactive Followers section lists those those accounts that are following you but are inactive or haven’t tweeted or interacted with other accounts in a while. You can filter this list by length of account inactivity, whether 1, 3 or 6 months. It is advisable to sort this list by the oldest first if you are planning on removing these followers, in order to avoid unfollowing people that you recently added.

Copy Followers feature: One of the very cool features we like on the Crowdfire app is not only the ability to just look at any Twitter or Instagram user and scroll through their followers but being also able to copy and gain from similar accounts so as to get more followers and strong social engagements on Twitter. To do this, simply enter a Twitter user or handle and the window displays all the followers belonging to that particular handle. You can copy from similar accounts or competitors, gain active and interested followers and simply boost your twitter followers. As long as you are signed up to a paid plan, this function will automatically hide previously followed users.

Blacklist feature: Another reason why we admire Crowdfire app is because of the blacklist feature. This list basically contain accounts you quite do not admire and accounts you do not want to interact or engage with. Accounts usually featured in this list would include, spammers, fake profiles, profiles created by bots and any kind of account producing content you may find offensive or simply do not want to see. Another thing to note here is that accounts added to the blacklist, will not appear anywhere for you to follow.

Whitelist feature: The whitelist is a useful function allowing you to add safe or preferred people in your selected account. The feature is basically a compilation of accounts that you simply choose to keep and never unfollow, even if they don’t end up not following you. Accounts like these will most likely include influencers or people whose contents you can’t live without. These people will then not show up on any unfollow list, preventing the possibility of your inadvertently unfollowing someone on the whitelist.

Fans feature: If a high social status on Twitter is your concern, then you will need to pay attention to the number of fans you have. These are people who are following you but you aren’t following back; the more fans you have, the more popular you are in the Twitter world. The Crowdfire fans function clearly displays the fans attached to your Twitter account, giving you the option to add these people to your Twitter account by clicking the green icon next to each user and in doing so boosting your Twitter followers.

All Following feature: This function is a complete list of people you are following from your selected account; you can sort the list by oldest or newest and get more Twitter Fans by unfollowing people that you have been following for a long time.


Social media growth is by no means an easy task, so it would only make sense to use something that gives you a helping hand. Crowdfire does exactly that and it is a well constructed, efficient and no-nonsense SaaS solution to the challenge of getting more followers on Twitter. Crowdfire has both free or paid versions, and even the paid version is quite affordable. The app offers excellent value for money and is an essential tool for any individual or brand serious about increasing their social profile.

Image Source: Crowdfire

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