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A fortnight ago, we published an interesting piece on how to manage and grow your social media accounts (Twitter) efficiently and effectively with the help of an app called Crowdfire. If for some reasons, you missed out on the blog post, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. You can read it by clicking on this link.

Crowdfire’s features are not limited to Twitter alone. As a matter of fact, managing Instagram accounts with the Crowdfire app is quite easy to do and let us also tell you that it is really fun to do as well.

Sign Up

They say the simplest solutions are the best. Like most applications you will be required to create an account, and like most applications it’s quite simple.

Just connect your Instagram account and you are good to go. If you’ve already signed up with another social media account, simply link the Instagram account you wish to manage with the Crowdfire app.

What Crowdfire does well for Instagram accounts:

The first thing we love about Crowdfire when using it to manage Instagram accounts is the Instagram Image Recommendations feature. Crowdfire recommends fresh and interesting images every day to keep your account actively buzzing and get you the right followers plus improve social engagements.

There is also another feature related to the Instagram Image Recommendations which the Crowdfire team calls the Crowdfire Creators program. How this feature works is that, if you’ve posted great images to Instagram using Publish, Crowdfire will recommend them as part of Image Recommendations. People sharing the post tag you and get your account noticed by all their followers which can in turn increase your followers’ base.

Crowdfire helps you use related Hashtags for your posts. When using Instagram, one of the best ways to drastically increase your reach and engagements is by using hashtags. Thankfully, Crowdfire makes it easy to use hashtags to make your posts visible to the right set of people. All you need to do is select the image you want to publish, click on the hashtag icon on the down-left part of the screen and Crowdfire will pop up relevant hashtags you can use on your post.

One of the most interesting features and perhaps the one we use the most is the feature that allow you to schedule posts. If you have an idea for a post but you will like to publish it later, simply upload a picture and start writing the caption or whatever write-up you want to attach to the picture. When you are done, simply select the date and time you’ll like to have the post published and when it is time for the post to be published, Crowdfire will remind you with a notification so that you never get to miss the time.

Another reason to love the Crowdfire app is that it allows for managing of multiple accounts. Just like for all other social media accounts you manage with Crowdfire, managing of multiple Instagram accounts is allowed on Crowdfire. 

For any of you who have more than one Instagram account, you’re well aware of the pain of having to manage more than one account. Not only is it difficult to post regularly, but keeping up with different audiences, engaging with them and keeping track of comments is a tough feat. Thankfully, Crowdfire makes it easy to manage more than one account, provides fresh contents needed to grow each account and also helps increase total engagements for each accounts.

Crowdfire features for personal and low level use is free, but Crowdfire has made it clear that their range of price plans means “there’s something for everyone, from individuals to agencies” available to help everyone get more followers on Twitter. Subscription to any of these plans can be cancelled at any time:
  • Free: The free plan allows one linked account and a white/blacklist limit of 50 users. This is a light-use starter plan for individuals.
  • Plus: At $5.99 per month for the annual plan, this plan is designed for social media enthusiasts, small businesses and solo-preneurs and offers 2 linked accounts, 1 team member and a white/blacklist limit of 10,000. This account also allows unlimited follows and unfollows and automatic hiding of previously followed users.
  • Premium: At $9.99 per month for the annual plan, this value plan is ideal for early stage startups and medium businesses and offers up to 5 linked accounts, 2 team members and in addition to all the functionality of the Plus plan.
  • VIP: At $33.32 per month for the annual plan, this plan is designed for agencies and larger businesses and in addition to all the functionality of Premium, offers up to 20 linked accounts and 3 team members.


Social media growth is by no means an easy task, so it would only make sense to use something that gives you a helping hand. Crowdfire does exactly that and it is a well constructed, efficient and no-nonsense SaaS solution to the challenge of getting more followers on Twitter. Crowdfire has both free or paid versions, and even the paid version is quite affordable. The app offers excellent value for money and is an essential tool for any individual or brand serious about increasing their social profile.

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