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Android 11 Launched: Some of the exciting new features

Google has unveiled three Android 11 public beta versions for compatible smartphones so far. New features and improvements come with each Android 11 beta update.

There was a preview done by Google of some of the major features available to Android 11 prior to its official release on September 8. This was the same time Google’s Android OS was launched. 

There are exciting features on Android 11 that aid better user experience and here are some of them.

Chat Bubbles

Android 11 offers chat bubbles for different apps that are like Facebook Messenger’s chat bubbles. Going by the name, this feature transforms text messages from messaging apps like Whatsapp to chat bubbles.

This enables you to perform other activities while also replying to messages because of the movement of the chat bubble around your phone.

This feature can be turned on by tapping on the circular icon that is found in the notification panel of a specific message. 

Screen Recording

This is a feature iPhone users are already acquainted with as it has been in use for quite some time. The screen recorder feature is accessible from the Quick Settings menu.

This feature comes with the ability to record audio as well as a video which is a major upgrade. Audio can be recorded from the microphone and internal device audio on Android 11.


Android users will now have options to mark chats that are important, set reminders, and add them to the old screen. This is so because Google wants users to give priority to “conversations”.

This feature can be accessed from the notification panel itself. There is also a Settings option that can expand to more options in which users can take for a specific chat. 

Device and Media Controls

This feature can be accessed by pressing and holding down the power button. Google wants users to have more control over Bluetooth devices and media players, hence, the development.

Different actions can be accessed to control devices. Android 11 affords users the ability to change the Bluetooth device used for playing music from the media card itself.

An example of such is that you can switch between your wireless earbuds to a Google Home directly from the media card. The Now Playing card has been added to the Quick Settings menu which is an upgrade in Android 11.


Important privacy features that have to do with the collection of background data and location data by apps were added last year on August 10 by Google.

Google, however, provides an improvement on Android 11 by the introduction of one-time authorizations for apps to gain access to the device microphone, location, and camera. These authorizations will auto-reset if the app is not used for a long time.

Image Credits: Android Developers

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