Gmail Has A New Logo That’s A Lot More Google

Google has decided to replace its famous Gmail envelope logo with a design that looks a lot more like other Google products. The new logo is quite similar to the logos for Google itself, Google Maps, Chrome, Google Photos, among many other Google products.

The new logo discards the envelope totally and is now symbolized as an M that is designed with blue, red, yellow, and green which are the core colors of the brand.

Reports show that the tech giants thought of taking away the Gmail red color or leaving out the M altogether, however, research indicated that people were not excited about the changes.

Fast Company reports that the research studies helped Google realize that the envelope aspect of the Gmail logo wasn’t exactly significant, therefore, the team was allowed to experiment with retaining the M alongside adding the brand’s traditional color palette.

Red is still the predominant color of the new logo, with a light touch of yellow and the blue and green filling up the stand of the M. It is difficult to notice differences between the logo and other logos of Google. To match the new Gmail design, there has been a redesign of logos of other apps like Calendar, Docs, Meet, and Sheet.

Google’s G Suite software has been rebranded to Google Workspace, so the new logos are part of the whole revamp. Work is currently going on to integrate Gmail, Chat, and Docs into a central location to make Google compete with the centralized approach of Microsoft Office most especially Outlook email.

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