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Hardware info apps for Android devices have two things in common. First, they show you all there is to understand about your device’s innards. And second, they are as ugly as any app that’s about spewing out lines of obscure-sounding text! But for Castro, only former applies. The latter is wonderfully dealt with, thanks to a colorful Material Design interface and some cool illustrations! Hence, for this reason, Castro is our app of the week.

Castro app looks so good, you would have thought it was made by Apple designers! But it is also really simple, albeit it shows data that’s as detailed as every other serious system info app. The info is split into Main, CPU, Kernel, Device, Battery, Memory, and Network modules, with each supplying you with necessary info. For instance, the CPU Information page tells you the CPU type, Vendor, Architecture, number of Cores, and real-time CPU load. Neat!

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If we have a not so nice thing to mention about Castro, it’s only that the app may benefit from even more pretty illustrations like the one within the swipe menu. And then oops; it looks like the app isn’t available yet for the iOS platform. Maybe the app developer will do something about that soon but trust us, the app is really wonderful inside out.

Let’s pause the talk for now. If you want to try Castro, grab it for free from Google Play.

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